Shedding Light on Northwood Village

Shedding Light on Northwood Village

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WEST PALM BEACH, FL (2011) – Until recently, Northwood Village in West Palm Beach was a little known part of town, often only stumbled upon by accident. Others were aware of its potential as a cultural and economic force, and in 2005, the City of West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency targeted the district for revitalization and provided incentives to encourage new businesses.

A $4 million renovation of sidewalks, lighting, and landscape on 24th and 25th streets will complement existing businesses including trendy restaurants, funky boutiques, and artsy galleries already popular with local residents. The City of West Palm Beach worked alongside Scott Stefan of Municipal Lighting Systems, an MLS Group Company, to provide lighting design standards for 24th and 25th streets.

Scott Stefan and William Pino, P.E. of Main Street Engineering, another MLS Group Company, selected sleek black Ameron poles and brackets and Lumec fixtures that are aesthetically pleasing and provide the area with a cohesive neighborhood identity.
While the village is still anticipating new tenants, some independent business owners, particularly those of minority backgrounds, have already found great success and hope to inspire others to follow suit.

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