All Lit Up: Main Street Engineering Illuminates the Grove

All Lit Up: Main Street Engineering Illuminates the Grove

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COCONUT GROVE, FL (December, 2011) – Miami’s bohemian headquarters is lighting up the night, in more ways than one. Coconut Grove, or “The Grove” as it is referred to by the locals, is Miami’s oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood. Originally established as a grove tree plantation, the area experienced several waves of mainly British and Bahamian immigrants. Incorporated in 1919, The Grove was officially annexed into the City of Miami in 1925.

After the 1960’s, Coconut Grove became one of the most sought-after residential areas in Miami. Soon after, a commercial and entertainment district known as “Coco Walk” was developed at the crossroads of Grand Avenue and Main Highway. Here, residents could find a slew of restaurants, bars, shops, galleries, and even a movie theater. Coco Walk quickly became a favorite evening destination for many Miami residents and local university students. In 2011, as part of renovation efforts, the City of Miami and Miami-Dade worked with William Pino, P.E. of Main Street Engineering, an MLS Group Company, to design new street lighting for the neighborhood. Durability and resistance to corrosion were critical to the design of the new system.

Pedestrian-scale, old-fashioned spun-concrete poles manufactured by Ameron Corporation were selected, along with a General Electric luminaire with unique optical characteristics. The illumination of Grand Avenue from Douglas Road to Mary Street constituted the first phase of the project, followed by Commodore Plaza, Fuller Street, and MacFarlane Road. Poles along Main Highway are in the process of being installed.

Within the next three years, another 200-300 lighting poles and fixtures will be installed in additional streets throughout the Business District, and will aid in the continued development towards a safe and beautiful Coconut Grove neighborhood.

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