About MainStreet Engineering

Main Street Engineering, Inc. (MSE) is a Florida based engineering firm with a focus on professionalism, responsiveness, and commitment towards our clients. Our endeavors are all undertaken with four core values; 1) integrity, 2) productivity, 3) collaboration, and 4) quality. MSE approaches every project with these facets and values, such that our services can be customized to fulfill our clients’ needs and expectations.

MSE offers a wide range of engineering services within the electrical scope which include:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Street and Highway Lighting
  • Indoor & Area Lighting
  • Sports and Event Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Power Generation & Distribution
  • Electrical Certification
  • Solar Energy Design and Studies
  • Lighting Pollution Studies
  • Energy Studies
  • Electrical Construction Engineering & Inspection
  • Communications and Data Systems


Commitment to Excellence

Main Street Engineering recognizes the ever-increasing challenge of providing both effective and efficient engineering solutions in today’s competitive environment. An environment where the innovation to do “more with less” is a necessary trait for those who yearn to succeed. This is a commitment that we’ve made to ourselves, and our clients. Our commitment to excellence stems from our sincere desire to provide a safe and reliable product – each time, and every time – where timeliness and budget are never sacrificed.